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IROC organizes a whole range of Outdoor & Adventure activities which are conducted by trained professionals with approved equipment and safety gear. We offer customized events with different activities spread over a duration of one to three days with a mobile camp moving across various locations. Just choose a range of activities that interests you and get in touch with us to host a personalized event for your family and friends.



Experience the outdoors living in a traditional pitch camp style. Our camps are setup across various scenic locations from the foot of the majestic hills to the calm shores of the Pulicat lake.

What more than a simple get-together with camp fire, live music and barbecue!


Guided bird watching and nature trails through one of the largest migratory habitats in Asia, the Pulicat lake and Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary.


A boat trip in the Pulicat lake to explore the vastness of this brackish water lagoon, the enormous marine and avian life it supports and the traditional fishing techniques of the locals.



For those who are inspired by ancient architecture and historic monuments, we offer guided tours to the forts of Chandragiri, Udayagiri empires, ruins of Buddhist stupas and the temples of Chola's, Pandya's, Pallava's, Vijayanagara and Venkatagiri empires which once dominated this region.




A relaxing outdoor sport with the extremely stable and safe sit-on-top kayaks. Enjoy the pleasant experience of peddling a kayak in the calm and serene fresh water lakes. Learn and master the art of paddling under the guidance of our certified and licensed instructors.



A pleasant bicycle ride through the rural roads alongside fields and lakes.


Bait fishing is a fun filled sport that tests both your skills and patience. Try your luck at the fresh water and brackish water lakes of this region. 



 Beach Volleyball

The sand dunes of the islands in Pulicat lake offer a great opportunity for volleyball on their scenic and beautiful shores.


Beach mini-football

The great fun of playing a football match on the shores of the Pulicat lake is